The Truth – Part 3: The Consortium & The Legalization Trap

The Consortium & Hotel California

AUMA Sponsors (The Consortium)

AUMA Sponsors (The Consortium)

What is AUMA? It’s no less than the Undead Zombie of Prop 19, back from the dead once again to test the faith of the Medical Marijuana community in its final hour of justice. Prop 19, SB1262, and all of these other initiative also-rans have been nothing but attempts by Wall Street, Law Enforcement and Big Pharma to use their government influence to capture, break and redesign the marijuana supply chain as they see fit. Putting control of the industry permanently into the hands of international mafia, hedge fund billionaires, cartel front men, crooked cops and crooked politicians who refuse to let go of their Prohibition & Payola aka Tax & Jail Model.

To understand why AUMA is bad for your health we need to dial back a little bit and talk about what California means to the international marijuana movement. Why do we put such an emphasis and focus on California Marijuana Laws, and especially those of Los Angeles and the City of Long Beach? The answer is that California is where everything started for this movement and ultimately where everything will end. Northern California is literally the heart of international marijuana cash crop production and Southern California today represents a political and socio-economic ‘pivot point’ in the great struggle for marijuana decriminalization because Los Angeles is the largest and most sophisticated High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area in the world and the Port of Long Beach is equally the largest drug trafficking port in the world. Basically the largest narcotics customer base on the plant with the largest transportation/distribution hub right next to it, two key control points for every business and underworld syndicate with an interest in narcotics. California is the mother plant in the world of medical marijuana, every other state is just a clone. Colorado, as we have mentioned before, is still completely dependent on California for seeds, trim and even bud during the harsher seasons.



Despite California’s status as the founder and leader of medical marijuana, many within the California movement have failed to understand why the political situation in the Golden State hasn’t stabilized. The biggest reason being that the California Movement has been in a political and legal war against the Police Departments, the Mob and the Cities of California since our journey began in the mid-90s. The California Police Union, consisting of the California County Sheriff’s, City Police Unions, and other law enforcement officials, the DEA, and the League of California Cities consisting of Mayors and City Attorneys have done everything within and beyond their legislative powers to obstruct the patient’s right to alternative medical therapy through the use of medical marijuana. Interestingly enough the tactics used by cities and law enforcement, have driven the medical marijuana industry into the hands of organized crime. Medical marijuana was a business for the patients to get access to well grown, clean and environmentally safe medical marijuana, this has since been corrupted as cartel and organized crime members have taken the marijuana cultivation process and have transformed it into a mass production supply chain.



California’s liberal reputation is often impeded by the wealthy and powerful conservative elements within the state. Law enforcement is heavily embedded in this conservative cabal due to history. As we have mentioned before, a sort of racial law enforcement clique began to form within the California police departments in the early 1920’s. Recruits from the Deep South and the local California KKK in Anaheim and San Diego were preferred for Law Enforcement hires for many years, due to their views on race, narcotics and institutional corruption; this practice persisted well into early 90’s culminating in a public outcry with the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 over the racial brutalization of Rodney King by the LAPD. This clique merged with the DEA under the guidance of Governor George Deukmejian and then Mayor Dianne Feinstein of San Francisco in the 1970’s to stamp out the power of the hippie movement in California, and has continued to remain embedded in municipal and state administrations throughout California ever since the consolidation of power by the Neo-Conservatives during the Reagan Years.

The Neo-Con’s are no different than Neo-Liberals, they are the 1%, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, whatever you want to call them, they are the rich guys with all the money and power that hate humanity and have a Malthusian dream of self-fulfilling biblical prophecy so that they can have their Elysium planet.  They control the flow of international narcotics, including marijuana after they consolidated control during the 1970’s and they sit on both sides of the aisle so that the American people stay in the dark about how American power really works.  The likes of Americans For Safe Access, The Drug Policy Alliance, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Marijuana Policy Project were commissioned by George Soros, George Zimmer, Peter Lewis, JP Holyoak and Bush Attorney General John Ashcroft to disrupt, dismantle and hijack the medical marijuana movement and deliver it to the Anglo-American corporate interests that had paid handsomely for it. The Consortium is led by former President George H.W. Bush and other co-executives and majority shareholders of major pharmaceutical names like Beyer (GW Pharmaceuticals), Merck, Teva, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Gilead, Altria, RJ Reynold, British American Tobacco and Eli Lilly. The Bush DEA’s number one target for some time has been the Pioneers of Medical Marijuana and the people around them that helped found Prop 215; seeking to dismantle any remnant of the movement that pushed using marijuana as a medicine.

The goal was to discredit marijuana as a medicine and push it as tobacco-like vice product, to protect their business interests from competition and consolidate power under their own mantra ‘Legalization’; the purpose of this is to divide and conquer the medical marijuana movement so that the Consortium can continue to steal the old growers trade secrets and then patent them as their own, to develop Schedule II pharmaceuticals like Sativex and Epidolex.  The Consortium has enabled their AstroTurf activist front groups including Americans For Safe Access, Marijuana Policy Project and the Drug Policy Alliance to wreak havoc on the entire medical marijuana community and its patients alike. To a large extent they have succeeded, in large part, thanks to collusion by the California Police Unions and the League of California Cities.

Palaces of Prohibition



The base of Neo-Conservative power in California is San Diego County that is the source of much of their financial and institutional power for the entire world. San Diego is home to the richest and one of the largest Mormon communities in the United States; it is also the largest base of Neo-Nazi funding and power in California. It is the home of the Tea Party and residence of many outspoken Neo-Con power brokers like Darrell Issa, Duncan Hunter, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Margaret Cargill (of Cargill, Monsanto’s partner in crime) Bill Gates, and many retired officers of the Neo-Con military command.

San Diego possesses one of the largest military installations in the United States with 6 Naval Bases, 3 Marine Bases and 1 Coast Guard Station. San Diego also possess the largest DEA presence in California; it is effectively their stronghold and major front for the entire country. San Diego has been a military town for over 100 years and because of this, their culture has evolved with both the National Defense culture and the Narco-State culture created by the DEA. Many law enforcement personnel in California retire to San Diego after they have completed their service. This is why Americans for Safe Access, formerly a major Bush DEA front, operates primarily out of San Diego, Sacramento, formerly Long Beach and Bakersfield; because their illegal operations were shielded by Neo-Con friendlies in those municipalities and alternatively by Mexican Cartel and Chinese Triad counterparts in LA and San Francisco.

download (1)

The next source of Prohibition power in California comes from Orange County, a major source of Republican financial strength attributing much of its rise as an S&L, Cocaine, Money Laundering and Real Estate hub in the 1980s. This county is controlled mostly by major Republican land barons like billionaire Donald Bren of the Irvine Community and William Lyon of Lyon Communities who are financially the lords and masters of most of the cities in LA County, they control the politics through business and the streets through narcotics distribution ran by Italian Mafia front men out of Newport Beach, Santa Ana and Anaheim. The Orange Curtain or ‘The OC’ is the ideal example of a neo-conservatives dream of a corporate fiefdom. Many GOP powerbrokers are born and raised through Orange County’s privileged Republican private school system, which uses a series of Catholic schools to place young adults in conservative colleges throughout the country like USC, ASU, Chapman, Amherst and other well-known conservative institutions for ideological training. Most dispensaries owned in Orange County are front’s for money laundering, cocaine and pill smuggling and controlled by members of local organized crime that use patients as a front to disguise their illicit activities.

OC is a significant battlefront, because not only is Orange County a major source of Republican wealth but it has also become a major distribution hub for the Mexican Mafia in California. Thanks in large part to municipal corruption and a plentiful amount of Carlito’s Way-type Coke Attorneys, the Mexican and Asian Cartels have taken complete control of the cities of Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Orange, Anaheim, Westminster, Buena Park and Garden Grove. The rule in Orange County is that the wealthy live south of these cities, and that the police provide almost a DMZ-like front line at the city limits for these areas. The Neo-Con and KKK backed city administrations in the poor cities oversee the chaos of gang violence and drug distribution in collusion with the Cartel, collecting profits from both the incarcerations and narcotics sales. The author of SB1262, Lou Correa, is the State representative of the district controlled by the Cartels, and his bill is designed to hand the California medical marijuana industry over to the collection of Consortium-Cartel interests that are fronted by the Marijuana Mafia.

Lou Correa

Lou Correa

The third source sits in Oakland and Silicon Valley, these are the Silicon Libertarian Billionaires like Sean Parker, Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel and other tech Nazi’s that see marijuana as a pathway towards managing digital serfdom. These young guns owe their money and success to their Neo-Con handlers, who are all ex-Nixon and Reagan Era elite, and they are being crafted to be the next Rockefellars and Soro’s of the 21st century where the population will be managed digitally. AUMA is not the brainchild of Parker, but he is the marketable face of the scheme in an attempt to disassociate Zombie Prop 19 from its odious origins. Marijuana in the bay area is largely managed by a cooperative effort between the mafia-end of the Teamsters Union, led by the utterly corrupt, yet indicted, Dan Rush and ex-DEA hacks in Contra Costa, Alameda and Monterey and the Asian Mob primarily managed by the San Francisco Tong’s with its big shots like Raymond Chow and former State Senator Leland Yee.

Dan Rush w/ Richard Lee pushing Prop 19

Dan Rush w/ Richard Lee pushing Prop 19

Dan Rush Indictment:

The fourth major source of financial power and probably the most critical is the one sourced in Los Angeles County. The Republicans have long viewed the City of Los Angeles as an ideological warzone and have done everything within their power to hamper the cities progression, citing a need to avoid the creation of “San F**cisco Liberal Fascism”. The sources of Republican power in Los Angeles are Long Beach, Flintridge, Simi Valley, Glendale, Pasadena and the Western Valley; despite LA’s overwhelming population of Democrats, the LA GOP holds an amazingly disproportionate level of power within LA City Hall and especially the LA County Board of Supervisors & Sheriff. Out of the four areas mentioned thus far, this group is by far the cleverest and also the most dangerous; they are big time shot callers in the Republican world because they hold a key responsibility within the power structure of the Consortium. They possess the responsibility of managing and overseeing the largest narco-trafficking corridor in the entire world, the Los Angeles Basin.

Michael Antonovich

Michael Antonovich

The Debacle

Mayor Bob Foster

Mayor Bob Foster

The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach exist side by side as the largest domestic import hub for international cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin trafficking in the United States. Every year ton upon metric ton of Afghan heroin comes in through the Port of LA and Long Beach where it is taken to reprocessing labs in South-Central and Downtown LA to be sold to local syndicates and gangs throughout the county and country. The narco-trafficking in the port is primarily facilitated by the Teamsters, Long Beach Police Department and Long Beach City Attorney’s Office who use payoffs, gangland intimidation tactics and murder to maintain a protection racket over the port unions in exchange for silence. Former Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster, and former City Attorney Bob Shannon, leading members in relation to Long Beach organized crime, initially conceived the idea of allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in Long Beach as a cover for improving cocaine and heroin distribution flows in Los Angeles through a man named John Melvin Walker, currently serving federal RICO time, when heroin imports began to surge out of Afghanistan in 2006 and 2007. They were backed by the Neo-Conservative establishment of Los Angeles led by County Supervisors Don Knabe and Michael Antonivich, the two men pulling the strings at the top of the Los Angeles Narcotics Pyramid, along with major financial support from William Lyon in Orange County. However things did not go as planned as hippies began to show up in Long Beach to apply for business licenses; they were more skilled at growing, actually took care of the patients and were able to undercut the Consortium backed collectives with their exorbitant prices. The Consortium was immediately threatened, they had controlled Long Beach for years through the power of the Bush-Walker Family, and suddenly their billion dollar narco-trafficking operations were being upended by the California hippies once again. In response, Prop 19 and the municipal bans were conceived by the Consortium to divide the marijuana movement and racketeer the marijuana industry through over regulation.

Don Knabe

Don Knabe

Since that time, with the help of the Marijuana Astroturf organizations, the Consortium has successfully led an illegal regulatory coup d’etat with the disastrous Long Beach “Ban Regulation” and the passage of Proposition D in LA County, both measures designed to insulate and protect collectives backed by the Consortium interest. This same group has pushed Long Beach Police Chief, Jim McDonnell, a former LAPD narco-crony from the Gates Years, to become the new Los Angeles County Sheriff. McDonnell is a staunch prohibitionist, declaring his opposition to medical marijuana at a Long Beach Planning Commission meeting and stating that he believed marijuana patients exaggerated their illnesses. McDonnell has voiced this opinion to protect the interests of his former political handlers, Long Beach City Attorney’s Bob Shannon and Charlie Parkin, who in return have aided McDonnell’s run for Sheriff by helping him fabricate Long Beach crime statistics. Patient’s in Long Beach currently live in fear of McDonnell, because of his past use of a Neo Nazi affiliated policemen named ‘Officer Strohmann’, to conduct brutal intimidation against citizens investigating the narcotics rackets.

Benedict Arnold’s

Why would you trust a fucktard in a tree?

Why would you trust a fucktard in a tree? This is professional!?

Let’s talk about morale and loyalty for a minute. Morale is low among California activists these days, including those among OC NORML and the California Cannabis Coalition, as many die-hard activists and political supporters have found themselves betrayed by trusted leaders in lieu of the demonic AUMA creeping upward in the polls. Growers and operators alike followed the siren call of the Emerald Grower’s Association led by inexperienced political hacks like Hezekiah Allen and Sean Donahoe, who have used their family relations to build industry clout as a pair of pied pipers that have led growers to nothing but political failure and ruin. Earlier this year, comedy grower Micky Martin infamously lampooned the pair of hucksters during the Fuck Mickey Awards 2015, largely targeted at Consortium members within the industry for their deceptive practices. Hezekiah Allen completely failed negotiations with the state regarding individual growing rights, claiming that it was the industry’s obligation to make concessions while taking payouts from regulatory insiders to dig the knife deep in the Emerald Triangle’s back. Allen disingenuously failed to mention that California regulatory, hungry for tax revenue, were prepared to make major concessions on grow rights and the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act  but being the false prophet that he is, we were failed utterly if not maliciously.

Look at this bullshit website, seriously?!

Look at this bullshit website, seriously?!

NORML and the Law Offices of Matthew Pappas also have to take responsibility for some of the disarray in the movement. NORML, already controversial due to Keith Stroup’s epic betrayal in the late 70’s, has pretty much continued the Long Sell Out of the movement by feeding grower after grower to predatory lawyers and political organizations that have no shame in turning over our people to the regulators and law enforcement authorities without proper legal protection. It was NORML that initially backed Prop 19, it was NORML that helped Lou Correa draft SB1262 and it was NORML that backed EGA and told the growers that they could trust Hezekiah Allen to sell them upriver with the formation of MMRSA and now AUMA.

Also we can’t let the leadership of CCHI 2016 off the hook either for wasting everyone’s time and happily taking everyone’s money. Buddy Duzy, the leader of CCHI, is an idiot huckster and an idolater of Jack Herer, yet he seems to annually take a shit on Jack’s dream by sabotaging the collection of signatures for Jack’s initiative while taking political donations to keep buying himself an endless marijuana supply. Also if you ever met Buddy, one would understand that he has no concept of law or what a lawyer is for and should probably be the last person leading a referendum on anything. His well-liked stoner partner, Michael Jolson, is probably the most disappointing of the group, as many relied on his ethical and congenial character to keep an eye on Buddy rather than collaborate with the poorly educated junkie on wasting everyone’s important time. Thanks Buddy and Mike, you couldn’t have helped the bad guys more by distracting us with your false prophecies and financial malfeasance, karma will be a huge bitch, best believe it.

Buddy being a leader

Buddy being a leader

This Coalition of Corruption between the Cartels, the Cops, The City Administrators and The Consortium are now going for the throat with AUMA. The bill and its proponents claim that the AUMA will correct the loopholes left for Law Enforcement by Prop 215. The Bill in reality is a complete and utter nightmare for the medical marijuana movement; AUMA is Prop 19’s real intent in its true corporate form.  AUMA hands the industry over to the corporate oligarchy and California Law Enforcement Complex on a silver platter; the bill violates federal law and completely upends the medicinal spirit of Prop 215 in favor of a small cabal of business interests known as the Marijuana Mafia.

Now that we understand what California has been dealing with let’s talk about AUMA:

10 Reasons Why AUMA is a TRAP


  1. It’s going to raise the price of pot worldwide.
  • When the price of marijuana per pound in California goes up, prices go up even higher everywhere else. A tax like AUMA’s sets a price floor aka price control in the market, meaning it’s impossible to sell marijuana below a certain price because of the tax burden without taking a loss. Colorado learned their lesson during the past two years when the price of marijuana experienced deflation from a supply glut. Since Colorado implemented price controls before the price drop, they are now stuck selling marijuana above its market price thus expanding their own street market and diminishing their legal market. Since marijuana supply will only increase as state after state legalizes, a premature tax will toxify the mother plant and global marijuana markets in a very unsettling way.
  1. Most of the tax revenue goes to jails, police and insider bureaucracy.
  • This is not a lottery sin tax, this tax is designed to fill law enforcement and prison system budget gaps to keep business running as usual after marijuana arrests become invalidated.
  1. Marijuana will still have felonies and prison sentences under the California Penal Code for all patients and recreational users.
  • A crime is only a crime if there is a legal punishment for it. As long as marijuana remains within the California Penal Code, possession and production will remain a crime. AUMA does not decriminalize or fully legalize possession, it legalizes sales and purchases but lets the police keep their pound of flesh by still allowing marijuana arrests.
  1. Drugged Driving with worse DUI punishments than drunk driving.
  • Marijuana has been proven to not impair motor vehicle driving, but despite these studies, law enforcement has moved forward by sponsoring companies that are working on creating an accurate marijuana breathalyzer to entrap marijuana patients with highly subjective DUI charges that are being slated to have more of an impact than an alcohal DUI. Law Enforcement is basically saying, with legalization, be careful what you wish for because you just might get all of it, including police entrapment.
  1. Personal grows can be banned by the state.
  • AUMA only requires a simple parliamentary majority to overturn personal growing rights and trust me, this is not an IF but a WHEN if this bill gets passed. None of the AUMA sponsors want small growers competing with them or offering up superior homemade product.
  1. Cities and counties can ban outdoor cultivation.
  • Cities and counties will continue to racketeer marijuana businesses with impunity, expect all the grows and shops to be owned by the mayor and his family with this one.
  1. Cities and counties can pass arbitrary taxes, ordinances and bans.
  • In addition to an outrageous price driving state tax, we will also have price hiking city taxes and ordinances, along with city wide bans that have CUP’s issued to only to those with enough money to properly bribe the city councils.
  1. Eliminates Prop 215 constitutional protections.
  • Goodbye medical marijuana and its constitutional protections. Subordinates California law to the Federal Schedule I Prohibition, turning cannabis from a legal right into a legal privilege. Think DMV license suspension, exactly.
  1. Allows for control by outside industries (Alcohal, Tobacco, Pharma, etc.)
  • Opens the door wide open for Consortium control. Expect Sean Parker and the Coalition of Corruption to storm in, bribe every city from Yreka to Imperial Beach, lock up every grower that doesn’t kow tow, and buy up all of their assets at the auction for rock bottom prices.
  1. Reinstitutes control of the national industry under DC insiders and billionaires.
  • Reinstitutes Consortium control over the medical marijuana industry. GOP drug lords like the Bush Family, the DuPonts and Kochs will continue to use marijuana as a front for cocaine and heroin distribution, while loading up the private prison system, that they own, with the patients that they sell their products to.

The Green Chazzan


Part 1 –

Part 2-

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